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Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond Ebony Porn Star

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Skin Diamond – Life and Porn Career

Skin Diamond A True Jewel

Skin Diamond is the stage name of Raylin Christenses who was born on February 18, 1987 in Ventura, California in the United States. She has lived in other countries such as Scotland, when she was a small child. She lived there for almost 20 years. She is beautiful, talented and started doing her porn videos when she was only 20 years old. Thankfully she has no plans on stopping the career. We are still going to have this jewel together with us for a long time still.

Life and Porn Career 

When she was only 4 years old her parents moved to Scotland as Missionaries. Although she was born in the USA she spent more than 20 years in Scotland. Before she became a porn star she worked as a daycare lady. She started in the porn world as an erotic and fetish model. When she hit her 20s, back in 2009 she decided to give porn a go. She then started shooting hardcore porn movies. She loves what she does and even though her very first porn movie was only supposed to be a girl on girl thing she managed to change the whole set and did a scene with two guys. She is not afraid to try not to impress. She has already been featured in over 150 videos and she has no plans to stop. She is currently in post-production of some very nice porn movies. She has already worked with famous porn producers and fashion magazines. She is also a model for mainstream media such as fashion designers, clothes and fashion brand and so much more.

Skin Diamond PornstarCuriosities

  • Diamond has several different tattoos all over her body. She has tattoos on her ankle, her back and in other areas as well.
  • She appeared on the TV show Balamory together with her sister when both were still children.
  • She also loves piercings; she has piercings on her navel, both nipples and also on her right nostril.
  • She loves to exercise. One of her favorite exercises is called Pilates. She also loves painting and pole dancing.
  • She currently lives in Hollywood, California.
  • She has already posed as a mainstream model for people such as Louis Vuitton, Atsuko Kudo and American Apparel.
  • Her father is a famous actor.
  • She and her sister worked in small TV shows when children.


This lady has already been nominated for over 50 awards and although she is quite impressive and hardworking she has only got 4 awards so far. Her career is rather short, which means she still has a lot of chances of getting even more nice awards to share with her fans! – The Lord of Porn

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